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BOOK: Kashmir Shaivism: The Secret Supreme

BOOK: Kashmir Shaivism: The Secret Supreme

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The chapters which comprise this book, Kashmir Shaivism: The Secret Supreme, are derived from the audio recordings of the lectures given by Swami Lakshmanjoo in 1971 to John and Denise Hughes in answer to their request to be taught Kashmir Shaivism. These teachings are based on Swami Lakshmanjoo's elevated spiritual state of enlightenment, the Kashmir Shaivite oral tradition and its sacred scriptures.

In Kashmir Shaivism: The Secret Supreme, Swami Lakshmanjoo presents a systematic unfolding of the Tantric teachings of the ancient tradition of Kashmir Shaivism. He begins this monumental task by unfolding and guiding the reader through the labyrinth of monistic teachings of this profound tradition. This tradition, long enshrouded in secrecy, is so rich and detailed in its descriptions of what it reveals as the ascent of individual consciousness to universal God Consciousness that it has been characterized as a ‘mystical geography of awareness’. Throughout he emphasizes the importance of practically realizing the reality of these teachings. The material is neatly divided into nineteen chapters; the presentation is both systematic and cumulative in a style which is clear, concise, and compact.


Customer Review:

Precise and Beautiful Translations

In the past, I purchased: Self Realization, The Secret Supreme, and the Shiva Sutras ... so far these sacred works are the closest approximation of the Truth I have encountered in written words. I just picked up the Shiva Sutras and am rereading the first awakening (there are three levels/approaches). It is so beautiful, it is breathtaking. Just as we will never tire of being love and loving, we will never tire of being realized and realizing. From Self to Self, I wish to thank John for his faithful and perfect rendering - in writing - of Swami Lakshmanjoo's oral teachings. and also his wife Denise who collaborated. In general, some translations lack the full import of enlightened interpretation which can veil the spirit and life of the teaching. John's translations are exceptional. He has remained true. One can actually intuitively feel Swami Lakshmanjoo coming through -- his presence totally and eternally available in "the circle" of enlightened Masters. Also wanted to mention that the hard copy bindings on the newly released editions are some of the finest quality I have come across. They actually look better than the pictures on-site. The covers are smooth, the pages crisp and the font is very clear.

- Chris VD :: Dec 13 2015, 11:50 am

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